You’ve probably heard the phrase “Quality over Quantity,” right?

Well, that concept is woven into our DNA at CrossFit Blue Moon.

+ Quality movement


We started CrossFit Blue Moon in December 2016 because, for us, CrossFit is more than just a “fitness thing.” We wanted to create a community. A family. A place where it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at. And a place where it doesn’t matter what you do for work or play. All that matters is that you show up and work hard.

There is no judgement here.

+ Quality coaching

+ Quality community

+ Quality programming

+ Quality nutrition guidance

Curious about how we got our name?

We are lovers of the moon, the tides, and the water...

The reason we call ourselves CrossFit Blue Moon is because we believe that your light should shine at all hours, even during times of mental and physical challenges. Our lives aren’t one easy, flat road...there are pits and peaks, mountains and valleys, ups and downs.

By training your body physically and mentally through CrossFit’s constantly varied, functional movements, you not only train yourself to physically overcome obstacles and challenges, but you also learn how to control and change all the tides of your life.

CrossFit Blue Moon is more than a fitness facility. We are here to help you become the best version of yourself and teach you how to thrive, not merely survive.


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